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DGold is different and distinct from other cryptocurrencies offered on a very rich market today. It was made by excellent experts and supported by over 1700 co-founders around the world. Behind him there are several non-profitable liberal, anti-global organizations with over 200 academics, scientists and researchers from Serbia, from all over the Balkans, parts of Western Europe, America, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, China, Japan, India and the rest of the world.
DGold will be the official mean of payment within the unified multi-investment and marketing system, that is called EASY CLOUD DGold SYSTEMS. It will be your daily digital money, with which you will be able to buy services through our sites and others who will accept it in the future. You will be able to trade it in our internal currency exchange office, exchange it for other cryptocurrencies or currencies: BTC, ETH, USD, EURO, CHF, RUBLES, RMB etc.
In the current ICO phase, it is the most important to buy as much DGold coins as possible at low prices. When you buy our DGold you own it and you can do with it whatever you want.
You can keep it and wait for its value to rise, you can sell it, change it or give it to someone, it is yours, and it's up to you how you are going to use it. In other similar systems, you "rent" coins and receive your earnings in percentages, but in our case, you buy and you own DGold coin and have it as your permanent property.
After completing the ICO project phase when the value of 1 DGold coin reaches $ 0.01, you will be able to sell it in our exchange office at which price you want and thus earn much more than you invested. The more you buy DGold coins at a lower price and after placing it in a currency exchange, as place it at higher prices, the more you earn!
For example: Buy DGold coins at a price of $ 0.001 by investing $ 250 and you get 250,000 coins, then you wait for its value to increase to $ 1 (and it will be very fast) and sell what you have in the exchange office as you like it. Let’s say you sell only 10,000 coins at a price of $ 1 and get a $ 10,000 in earnings.
You only invested $ 250 and provided yourself with the coins you can now sell much more expensive when its value increases! But, wait, you still have another 240,000 coins to sell at the price you want and earn as much as you can! For a $ 250 worth investment, you have earned a real fortune but we have not paid you that, because it would be a Ponzi scheme. You have earned this money from other members who have purchased coins from you. When DGold ICO phase is completed, the company no longer owns coins and new and existing members can buy them only from members who already have them - from you!
DGold Coin is intended to be used as a mean of payment in our systems but also for all those who accept it as their mean of payment. For this reason, we are developing our own economy, based on the Internet and we offer you DGold coin in the form of capital investments.
DGold is our 'everyday money' and his owners won't let this coin to be like other shit coins. Our answer to questions like: 'When will you release DGold to Exchange Market' or 'Nothing important is happening with DGold', is: 'When a coin gets more and more power on internet (means more uses in shops/electronics/economy/fun/gaming/ etc.) and when it reaches price of $ 0.01 per coin'. It is one of requirements for coin to be released. We consider that, as long as our coin doesn't get this value we said, it will not be released.
Otherwise coin will be like other shit coins and it will be dead as other worthless coins. In our case it will not be allowed! We are real company, we have real investment plans and we want to make everyone earn and prosper with us.

Technical Data on Coin Accuracy

DGold coin is currently on the basic Ethereum blockchain in the ICO phase, but our expert team will transfer it to our DGoldchain after completing the ICO project phase and placing the coins in the exchange offices

Total Supply In Circulation Token Decimals
900,000,000,000,000 ( DGold ) 100,000,000 ( DGold ) 18 ( DGold )
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Every child knows that cryptocurrency is future

The best part of our Office will be our “Exchange”. As you can see, we would provide you safer, profitable “Exchange Office”. You will find here about 4000+ CryptoCurrency, and use more then 10+ Merchants to finish your Transactions including Visa / Master Cards. New Office is still in progress, so subscribe to our NewSletter to stay informed!

Coin Race

Place Contenstant Amount of coins paid this month Amount of coins which will earn Amount of money which will earn
#1 Tayci 54908 DGold 18706.35 DGold 13.06 Dollars per Balance
#2 Qvadris 52720 DGold 10223.81 DGold 7.84 Dollars per Balance
#3 Dani13 16666 DGold 2741.27 DGold 2.61 Dollars per Balance
#4 lider10 13320 DGold 9706.35 DGold 0.00 Dollars per Balance
#5 isadgold 8058 DGold 6223.81 DGold 0.00 Dollars per Balance
#6 Kokolo34 7568 DGold 2741.27 DGold 0.00 Dollars per Balance
#7 DomacinskiBurek 6667 DGold 1870.635 DGold 0.00 Dollars per Balance
#8 Matrix 6667 DGold 1870.635 DGold 0.00 Dollars per Balance
#9 billalf 4380 DGold 1870.635 DGold 0.00 Dollars per Balance
#10 Nadapajic 3173 DGold 1870.635 DGold 0.00 Dollars per Balance

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Branko Vasovic Serbia

DGold Coin is great idea and I trust in this project. Besides, I'm in this project from beginning and I'll invest in this project as much as I can!.



Branko Visković Bosnia and Herzegovina

I'm one a old member since beginning. I believe and I hope that we will succeed in this project which is the best project in my opinion.By my opinion everyone should invest in this project if they want their best.



Zrinka Horvat Croatia

This project is the best thing that could happen to me and my family. I have met so many wonderful people from all over the world and helping each other together. Likewise, the leading team consists of trusted, valuable and progressive people who are always ready to help. I think we will be the best project ever with the joint forces. Therefore, full of hope, will and strength I am delighted to take up the days, months and years that will bring prosperity and a pleasant life to me and my family.



Sam Nikkel United States of America

I have been in Crypto World for long time. I'm building really good team with almost 3.000 members. DGold is really good Coin and my total value is about 29.000 $. This coins will be really valuable.



Sanja Stankovska Macedonia

I'll just say that this project is something different and something that will destroy every record of internet business.





Scientific - Research Solar and Environmental Center will investigate phenomena and activities aimed at reducing humanity, which are now even more fully publicly implemented such as:

  • - The spraying of urban population by chemical poisons from aircrafts, also known by the English name chem-trails.
  • - The impact of products from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to human nutrition.
  • - The impact of GMO agricultural crops to natural environment.
  • - The impact of herbicides created to treat GMO crops to the soil (eg Glyphosate).Analyzing the provisions and unraveling the goal of the Codex Alimentarius, the Rulebook about the methods of conducting genocide against humanity.
  • - Research into the consequences of the use of hazardous additives in food products to the health of the population.Research the impact of the chlorine and fluoride contained in drinking water to the health of the population.
  • - Research on the composition and impact of vaccines to the health of vaccinated children.Statistical research of the occurrence of disease and mortality (morbidity and mortality) of population after the introduction of certain vaccines into use.
  • - Investigation of the effects of alternative drugs on malignant and other diseases.Study of the impact of solar energy on human health, as well as the benefits of Vitamin D from the sun.
  • - Research of the consequences of the psychotronic weapons use on the psyche and the health of the population (consequences of electromagnetic radiation of base stations for mobile telephony).
  • - Exploring the possibilities of solar energy application in industry and households.
  • - Research in the field of renewable energy from sun, wind, water, biomass, waste, etc.Research in the field of industrial cannabis production for medical and other purposes primarily in energy production, construction, woodworking, food, shipbuilding and other industries.
  • - Study of the effect of electromagnetic radiation on the yield of agricultural crops without chemical agents.
  • - Research on the possibilities of production of agricultural crops without the use of chemicalsExamination of the harmfulness of the 5G network and protection from itetc.


  • - Research and study of Tesla's inventions
  • - Study of the applying possibilities for technical innovations in everyday life.
  • - Research in the field of robotics, nanotechnology, drones, flying cars, the use of cybernetic means and dentures, and other useful things for society.
  • - Research in the field of protection from artificial intelligence, nanobots, robots and other technological achievements that could one day be turned against humanity.
  • - As a long-term plan and a crown of research - the construction of a sophisticated, technologically equipped Solar City, which will consist of several independent parts, which will be able to be integrated into one whole, building such a base city in any place on Earth, from fields, forests, mountains to deserts and seas, and flying in the sky and Earth orbit. This project has been planned since 2011, and now we finally have a way to provide funds for its realization.


The second part of the area that Scientific and Research Solar and Environmental Center will deal with is the spiritual heritage of the people from these areas based on paleontological, archaeological, pedological, historiographical and other findings in order to throw a different light on the history of the people from these areas. A special part of this area will be publishing activity that corresponds to the new era of informatics education and population information.
Research of Rtanj mountain, near Sokobanja in Serbia, as the largest pyramid in the world will take place as well as cooperation with the Foundation "Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun" from Bosnia and Herzegovina, with presentation to the general public, and contribution to the writing of history again.
Genetic and other research on the proving of autochthonousness of the population from the Balkans, from the countries of the former Yugoslavia and connecting with the population of the Vinca civilization.

    Participation in this project will provide to its initiators the following
  • - Safe and regular financial income.
  • - Primary provision of business premises and necessary funds for the work of the Ecological Movement of Novi Sad, the most successful ecological organization in Europe according to the assessment of the German Greens and Brother Sungazing organization as well as other related and close organizations and associations sharing the same program definition.
  • - Funds and investments for the construction of the Scientific and Research Solar and Environmental Center and later a smart high-tech equipped solar city.
  • - Funds for research work, engaging staff and securing the necessary equipment.
  • - Independent research on multiple fields for the benefit of entire humanity through local and regional areas.


Safe and regular financial resources are a prerequisite for any serious approach to scientific research work to uncover the truth about the problems and threats of modern civilization without a tutor or "higher state interests." The renowned initiators with world-wide results with which even the countries will be proud, will guarantee commitment to the described goals and TRUTH as the supreme ideal they always tackle and now the basic preconditions for reaching the ideals are created.

  • - The ability to sell our DGold coin in our exchange office gives us the advantage over other coin starters because they do not have this option. After you buy their coins, nobody knows when you can sell them, but this is not the case with us. Immediately upon the completing of the ICO phase, you will be able to offer your coins in our exchange office and in this way you will earn from selling coins to new investors who missed Pre-ICO phase. For example, in the Pre-ICO phase you bought coins at a price of $ 0.001 which are worth $ 1000 to you and then sell them to a buyer at a price of $ 0.005 and so, in this way you have earned 5 times more than the stake, you earn 5000 $.
  • - Our personal social network, with domestic and world motives, will help to register much more new investors and to invest into our systems. Particularly, this will be interesting for you, as you will be able to advertise any program and system you work with, setting up personal and business activities, as well as interconnecting, socializing, and exchanging information, video and music content and experiences, with each other's advices and in which system to invest. With the payment of advertising you will be able to earn in our social network for the activities performed in it. Earnings are in US dollars and DGold coins.

Completed Section - Not Completed Section

    The value of DGold coin from $ 0.001
  • - Work on the current site. Completed
  • - Running multiple options together with member profiles. Completed
  • - Launching our DGold coin mining system. Completed
  • - Introduction of new payment processors. Completed
  • - Starting payments from DGold coin mining. Completed
  • - Starting investment games. Completed
  • - Establishment of our E-mail system. Completed
  • - Marketing pages. Completed
    The value of DGold coin from $ 0.002
  • - Sponsoring of the 22nd International Scientific Eco-conference - 10th Healthy Safe Food Eco-conference from 26th to 28th of September 2018, which took place in Novi Sad, Serbia. It was organized by the Ecological Movement of Novi Sad. Completed
  • - Sponsoring the largest site with anime content on our premises. Completed
  • - Sponsoring commemoration on the occasion of 20 years since the NATO aggression to Yugoslavia in 1999, with the provision of honorary guard of the Army of Serbia organized by the Ecological Movement of Novi Sad. Completed
  • - Partnership with marketing company "TarGet PTC" and introduction of DGold coin for the use of their advertising services. Completed
  • - The acquisition of a partner company "MuM Coin", which deals with recycling and provision of drinking water on all continents. Completed
  • - Starting investment games. Completed
  • - Launching our browser game DGold vCity. Completed
  • - Launching our social network Completed
    The value of DGold coin from $ 0.003
  • Completed - A new site with all our systems integrated, easy to use, with all the explanations for use and our exchange office.
  • Not Completed - New Systems launching: investment games, coin Dabbler and a new system for game mining.
  • Not Completed - Launching our version of Instagram that will be even better.
  • Not Completed - Launch our version of the YouTube site where we will pay for activities and reviews in DGold coins.
  • Not Completed - Payment of the bonuses to the contributors in the amount of 10% of the total earning.
  • Not Completed - Purchase of business premises for the company.
  • Not Completed - Employing the necessary number of IT professionals.
  • Not Completed - Transferring DGold coins to our version of Blokchain, called DGoldchain.
  • Not Completed - Launching our wallet for our coins.
  • Not Completed - Opening an auction site in which our coins will be received.
    The value of DGold coin from $ 0.004
  • Not Completed - Payment of the remaining earnings from mining with bonus due to delay.
  • Not Completed - Opening our internet television.
  • Not Completed - Production of long-lasting dairy products.
  • Not Completed - Growing, production and sale of healthy safe food (GMO free).
  • Not Completed - Growing of artichokes culture.
  • Not Completed - Growing of industrial cannabis.
  • Not Completed - Establishment, launch and construction of the Solar-Environmental Research Center.
  • Not Completed - Pilot project in the field of Eco-tourism at the selected location.
  • Not Completed - Preparation and realization of various Eco-business projects.
    The value of DGold coin from $ 0.005
  • Not Completed - Establishment of the permanent location and address of the anti-globalist non-governmental Sungazing organization with its subsidiary company "Easy Cloud DGold Systems" and partner organization Ecological Movement of Novi Sad with its subsidiary company Eko-sistem NS 1990.
  • Not Completed - Production of clean and renewable energy.
  • Not Completed - Continual implementation of projects in the field of Eco-tourism at selected locations in the most attractive parts of Serbia, the former Yugoslavia and the Balkans.
  • Not Completed - Revival of poorly populated and abandoned settlements and thus solving the problems of the poor and homeless.
  • Not Completed - Establishment of the insurance company "DGold Security".
  • Not Completed - Establishment of a humanitarian foundation for nurturing and promoting fertility in Serbia.
    The value of DGold coin from $ 0.006
  • Not Completed - Formation of a joint stock company.
  • Not Completed - Contribution to balanced regional development in the entire territory of Balkan.
  • Not Completed - Engagement and employment of the best experts primarily from Serbia, the Serbian diaspora and the rest of the world, from various fields of high technology, researching fields, innovators, researchers in the field of archeology, paleontology, ethnography, historiography, etc. with the goal of proving that our people were always the natives in the Balkans, starting from "Vinca civilization", whose research will have to recognize the existing academy of science and arts of Serbia, and the regime to include these in school textbooks.
  • Not Completed - Work on high technologies, robotics and artificial intelligence and protection from it.
  • Not Completed - Broadcasting of our own television program.
    The value of DGold coin from $ 0.007
  • Not Completed - Opening of DGold Bank in Serbia as our biggest economic support for all projects. All payments will work with our VISA / Master Cards.
  • Not Completed - Possibility of giving loans at the lowest interest rates in order to support the development of entrepreneurship in Serbia and Serbia itself.
  • Not Completed - Starting a DGold online store for members.
  • Not Completed - Starting a publishing activity.
    The value of DGold coin from $ 0.008
  • Not Completed - Ensuring the conditions for the realization of all plans for the progress of Serbia and the prosperity and well-being of the population in all parts of life and work.
  • Not Completed - Employing the greatest minds of Serbia and the world from all areas dedicated to peace-keeping progress and the well-being of mankind.
  • Not Completed - Establishment and equipping of the Serbian Space Agency (modeled on US NASA), according to the latest standards, with the latest equipment from the world and equipment produced in our Solar-Ecological Research Center.
    The value of DGold coin from $ 0.009
  • Not Completed - Launching our search engine and Serbian deep internet.
  • Not Completed - Launching a system for advertising and marketing that will use our coins.
  • Not Completed - Launching a portal for entertainment and games that will use our coins.
  • Not Completed - Building hotels & resorts for our members on the most exotic areas on the Earth.
  • Not Completed - Winning technology for the production of technologies to be realized at the Solar-Environmental Research Center.
  • Not Completed - Establish centers for the distribution of new technologies produced at the Solar-Ecological Research Center.
    The value of DGold coin from $ 0.01 and more
  • Not Completed - Introduction of DGold coin as a mean of payment in all our systems as well as in projects launched outside of the Internet.
  • Not Completed - Ensuring that our members who have purchased DGold are able to place them independently in our exchange office and sell them at higher prices to earn.
  • Not Completed - Entering the stock exchange and other exchange offices with our cryptocurrencies and securities - stocks and shares related to our projects and the above-mentioned joint stock company.
  • Not Completed - Creating a DGold portal with all our systems without access browser opening - it will be enough to install a program that will have everything at one place by clicking on the app.
  • Not Completed - Launch of DGold Universe, fun business and investment VR games with as many as 23 different systems. DGold Universe will be operational through our VR glasses that we will produce at the Solar-Environmental Research Center. DGold Universe is based on our DGoldchain and Svorp protocol, as well as the personal Internet, with our social network where we will pay members to cryptocurrencies for the activity. The Internet will contain all of our systems in VR as well as multi crypto wallet, exchange office, etc. Members who have hundreds of millions of DGold coins will make billions of dollars, as in the Bitcoin case. Our system will not pay for it. Members will post their bids in our exchange office and others will buy coins for a cheaper offer. DGold Universe is much more. It's just getting up to the stars.
  • Not Completed - Construction of the Solar City, our version of the smart city that will have the ability to be on the ground, on the water, under water, in the clouds and in orbit above Earth.
  • Not Completed - Construction of a Space Station that will float in orbit, on which will live the people who want to live outside the planet Earth. Then we will submit application to UN, for recognition of a new out-territorial and alien kingdom..
  • Not Completed - Production of high-tech weapons based on Tesla's inventions that will place Serbia in the leading military forces of the world.
  • Not Completed - Production of weapons to protect the Earth in the event of an alien invasion, as well as removing threats to the Earth and humanity in the form of meteors and asteroids that come from the universe.
  • Not Completed - Construction of Serbian Transformers that will defend Serbia and the planet Earth from all potential threats outside the Earth.
  • Not Completed - Construction of interplanetary ships in charge of the evacuation of human beings and other living beings in case of threats of destruction of the Earth.
  • Not Completed - Unlimited options.